Investigation Day 2 – Legends & Stories


Hey campers – Lead Investigator Shelby here with another angle in the Camp Koh mystery to pursue. Keep up the great work everyone!

Everybody loves a good story, especially scary ones that can be told around a campfire on a dark summer evening. Camp Koh has a long tradition of campfire tales, ranging from lighthearted fun to downright horrifying. We all know that tall tales are just that – a story and nothing more. But, where do the ideas for a story come from? Real life experiences.

I wonder if some of these legends from the area around the camp actually originated from real events and encounters. I know that I have definitely experienced my share of strange events and sights in my summers here, but I have never really thought that monsters or mythical beasts could really exist.

When I did some digging into camp records, I did find some interesting evidence that my theory may not be that far-fetched after all. Apparently strange sightings and encounters have been a mainstay here in the valley for generations, even well before Camp Koh was a thing. I know that Andy and Caleb also reported on some interesting events in their radio broadcasts.

Take a look and listen for yourself. While I am still trying to find some real definitive proof of strange encounters, these stories and first hand accounts will have to inform our investigative efforts.

Your Task:
Study the local legends and review other evidence that refers to strange creatures or encounters. Determine what stories may be real and should be explored further, and which ones are probably just fantastic tales.

Materials of interest: