The Prospector


A local Camp Koh Legend

Legend has it that once settlers arrived in the area, gold and other valuable minerals were located, spurring a small gold rush to the Entona Valley. It turns out, the claims of vast riches were wrong- the gold was in fact just pyrite (fool’s gold) and the desperate miners who gave everything up to settle in the valley lost what little they had left. While most left dejectedly, one prospector took it upon himself to find gold no matter what – he kept digging and digging into the ground, until he came upon a mysterious but alluring mineral, which he dubbed ‘Entonum’. As the weeks of digging continued, he found more and more of the substance, noting its strange properties. Unable to find a use for the substance, he spent more time trying to fashion the mineral into a product he could market. Residents began to notice a shift in demeanor from the normally reclusive but friendly old prospector they had come to known. When he failed to pick up his weekly order of supplies from the general store, a group was sent to check on him. When the group arrived, they noted a strange, bright light emanating from the mine the prospector was known to work in. When they attempted to enter the mine, they were repelled by a violent and explosive burst of energy, causing the cave to collapse almost seemingly without a trace. The prospector was never seen again, and those who witnessed the light died of strange illness shortly after their encounter.

The location of the mine was purposely hidden in order to prevent further tragedy, but some say on still summer nights if you look out on the west end of the lake towards the hills, you can see bright flashes.