The Valley Vixens


A Local Camp Koh Legend

The abandoned farm where the sisters lived

A farmer in the area was blessed with three daughters, each more beautiful than the next. They were known for their exceptional grace and singing ability, and were always being pursued by suitors, none of whom seemed to last long before the next arrived.

As time marched on and the old farmer passed away, he left his farm to his three daughters, who were strangely still unmarried. Many would remark about how ageless their beauty seemed to be.

After many more years, the farm fell into disrepair and the girls seemingly disappeared without any trace. Brave explorers who poked around in the old farmhouse discovered a shocking secret – a large cache of human bones piled in the cellar. Some identifying materials were found among the remains, linking them to some of the many known suitors of the daughters over the years.

Legend says if you listen closely on quiet, moonlit nights near the old estate, you can hear the hauntingly beautiful song of the farmer’s daughters, no doubt luring new victims into their deadly grasp.