The area known as Camp Koh was originally set aside from family lands in 1968 by philanthropist and entrepreneur Reginald Koh, who managed the massively successful KMK Enterprises.

Since his generous donation, generations have been able to enjoy the peaceful and expansive Lake Yultie and surrounding woods that watch over the campgrounds. Over the years, new amenities and features have been added to the site thanks to continued vision from the Koh Foundation and KMK Enterprises to ensure that the camp and its surrounding lands are preserved for the enjoyment of the outdoors.

The area has a long a rich history of human settlement, dating back to Native American tribes who used the lake as a source of food and the woods for sacred rites. As settlers arrived to the region, much of the forest was cleared, resulting in the larger open areas along the lake’s shore. Some of the camp buildings are built in the same foundations as some of the earliest recorded constructions on the site, lending an authentic and historic feel to the camp.

Current amenities consist of the mess hall, counselor’s cabin, administration/nurse’s station, docks, campfire, and several guest cabins. All recreation areas in the forest, including hiking trails, are currently closed due to a lack of maintenance. We hope to reopen them as soon as possible.


Post Office | Nurse’s Station | Broadcasting Cabin | Mess Hall | Admin Cabin | Patrol Cabins

The campground visitor’s map is being redesigned to reflect some changes in trails and public accessible areas. We hope to be able to share it soon!

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