The Lake Warriors


A local Camp Koh legend

Long ago, when the lake and valley were full of trees, a proud tribe of warriors lived off the land. Although strong in numbers, they only used their strength to keep intruders off their ancestral lands, and tried to live in peace. When settlers came and started to encroach on the lands of the tribe, they had no choice but to resist. After years of bloody skirmishes with the invaders, the tribe was losing numbers and decided to look towards their spiritual guardians for help. It is said that one day, the entire tribe disappeared, scouts coming across the remaining camps noting that it appeared the people had simply walked towards the lake, not out of the valley.

Strangely though, even after the tribe disappeared, raids on the settlers did not stop. The few survivors have tales of figures coming out of the lake and then returning. The only evidence left behind is water, bodies, and tracks that lead back to the lake.