A local Camp Koh legend

If you wander off into the woods alone, watch, you may not return as yourself. That’s because there is some strange force that may take your body for a ride. What they do with you, dear reader, is not known. Take the following example as a warning:

In the fall of 1976, local resident and former Camp Koh administrator Dennis Radner was attending a party being held to celebrate the close of another successful camp year. It was a blowout, and Dennis was, according to eyewitness accounts, drunk as a skunk. He managed to wander away from the group without anyone noticing.

When morning came and the hangovers passed, camp staff was surprised to see that the normally prompt and responsible camp leader was not present. An impromptu search was commissioned and he was located sleeping soundly inside the trunk of a fallen tree, still wearing his clothes from the night prior.

Witnesses say Radner was confused and groggy when first awakened, but that seemed normal given the circumstances. What was not normal was the appearance of a faint glow on his skin that a few in the search party noticed. They got Dennis back to camp and gave him the day off to rest and recuperate from partying too hard.

The next day, folks around camp noticed a drastic shift in Dennis’ behavior. The once cheerful and active camp leader had become surly and unmotivated. He began to berate staff and spent hours walking the grounds, seemingly on a mission to find something. This behavior continued for a few months, and he was eventually asked to step down and leave his administrative role.

Nobody knows where Dennis Radner went after his stint at camp, but everyone agrees on one thing: he was never the same after that night in the woods.