Patrols & Cabins

When you register for camp, you will be assigned to a cabin and a patrol. There are four patrols and multiple cabins within each. Think of the patrol as your team and your cabin mates are your direct squad for camp activities.

Throughout the duration of camp, there will be opportunities for you to participate in activities that will earn points for your patrol. The patrol and cabins with the highest points and participation will be recognized at the closing ceremonies. Who will win the coveted Camp Koh Championship? Let your camp spirit shine!

Dario’s Digs

Like the Italian horror giant Dario Argento himself, campers in Dario’s Digs have an unflappable spirit and keen eye for foreign horror.

Craven Manor

Campers who live in the shadow of Wes Craven know there is more to horror than just gore – there are opportunities for dark humor as well!

Romero Row

Faithful undead servants of George Romero are ready to shuffle and eat their way through the living until the dead rule the land!

Fighting Fulci’s

Campers molded by the spirit of gunslinging Italian horror Lucio Fulci don’t back down from a fight against evil!