The Wooded Maniac


A local Camp Koh legend

There once was a  hermit that lived in a cabin on top of a large rock in the middle of the woods here. When the forest was turned into a national park, he grew agitated as his solitude was continually disrupted by loud campers and hikers. As the traffic to the park grew, visitors began to go missing, and the “Wooded Maniac” as the locals referred to was the prime suspect.

When a group of children went missing after arriving for a week of summer camp, a search party of police and a parents gathered and attempted to confront him, only to find that massive quantities of blood were pouring out from underneath his cabin, coating the rocks below and making it slippery and inaccessible.

As they set their gaze towards the top of the rocky hill, they saw the hermit walking about, whistling while pouring gasoline around his cabin. He then lights it on fire and, while still whistling, walks inside. The mob stands helpless, watching the blaze from below. The fired raged all night, and with the cabin being so remote, firefighting was not an option. The group had no choice but to watch in helpless despair, haunted by agonizing screams emanating from the cabin. By the next morning the charred remains of some of the missing were found amongst the ashes, but the hermit was nowhere to be found. 

Missing persons from around these parts have been said to killed by the man known as the Wooded Maniac. I wouldn’t walk in these woods day or night personally.