2023 Findings


Knight from ‘CASTLE QUEST’

Thank you all for your efforts, but it is clear we are very far from understanding what exactly is going on here. Maybe things will settle down enough so that camp can happen for real in 2024 – but that is months out and there’s potentially more to learn between now and then. Our investigation doesn’t end this week, it must continue. So from the safety of your homes, continue the good search and share what you learn.

We need to pack up and ship out of camp soon, activity seems to be picking up and I don’t want to get sent back to questioning. You certainly don’t, trust me.

I will add some of the highlights of your research this week. Make sure you submit your merit badge requests before Tuesday Oct 3 at 9AM!

Notable Findings

Camper Kai has a trove of notes from 2022

Camper Sunny was able to get a map of Camp Lost Hope (blech) by contacting the front office:

Some good 2023 note-taking from some of our newest campers (Sunny, AJ, Phantasm, and LA):

DJ Olie finally made his dream come true and stared that pirate radio station I caught him working on last summer – RFCK

Thanks to Rusty, some new hiking trails were cleared.

Calvin’s role has been unraveled a little more, but his whereabouts are still unknown