Investigation Day 4 – The Trails


Today’s focus is on a part of camp that actually goes beyond the property lines and has potentially miles of secrets to hide: the trails.

Now, I know a lot of the trails have been kept closed due to various reasons, and I am sure that our Trail Superintendent Rusty Fields has had good reason for that, but it is pretty lame that such a massive part of our campsite has been rendered unusable for much of the past few months.

The counselors decided it would probably be OK if we led a guided hike on one of the shorter and closer portions of the trail, so we set it up as a daily activity. Unfortunately, I know many did not make it back last year because they left without a counselor to guide them.

I don’t have a lot of direct evidence to offer today campers. I think the answers are out there in the woods, and if we split up and cover as much area as possible, we can find them. Be safe, be diligent, and don’t be afraid to retrace your steps. Sometimes the same place can look totally different when you visit a second time.

I gave Rusty $50 to buy some smokes and he cleared a few more trails for us. Should be ready by about 4:30 EST today (9.29.23)

Today’s task:

Go to the trailhead. Find answers. Survive the woods.