Too Tall


Story submitted by “Snowshoeskitties” of the Fighting Fulci’s, Summer of ‘22

Around here there is an urban legend about a girl named Tina. In the year 1990 Tina started middle school and from that very first day she was teased and abused by the other kids. Because, you see, Tina was 8 years old and was only as tall as a toddler. She had a genetic condition which was not very common, and the other kids were so mean to Tina that all she wanted in this life was to be of average height. She got teased and tormented every day- and at home her parents both worked to be able to support any new treatments that might help their daughter grow. Tina spent a lot of time at the library and spotted a book, “Witchcraft, Spells and Curses”.

She had read the book cover to cover and was tempted to put a spell on the other kids but couldn’t find the nerve. So fast forward to Halloween night when the other kids formed a circle around Tina, who was dressed as a witch, at the top of the stairs at a neighbor’s house. They began to shuffle and push and before you knew it, being so tiny, Tina tumbled down those stairs with such force that her spine instantly snapped. She lay on the ground, no feeling in her body, and couldn’t move at all. She knew she was paralyzed. Without hesitation she knew what to do. She remembered an incantation from her spell book. One that would give the other kids what was coming to them and would give her what she’d always wanted as well. As she read the spell word for word, each child got their due- one boy’s body exploded outright.

His bloody heart flapping against the cheek of a terrified offending girl whose eyes popped out of their sockets and headed straight into the eyeballs of the third child, a boy who stood motionless and petrified as the girl’s eyeballs pushed their way into his eyeballs knocking his deep inside his brain. Nobody could believe what they were seeing and there were plenty of folks there. With that, Tina finished the incantation and a shadow of each of the three children’s body’s floated and landed on top of one another on Tina’s body until she was as tall as three children. She caught a glimpse of herself and realized that now she was TOO TALL!

As the police descended on the scene, Tina floated off into the woods. She was never seen again. Never in the flesh anyway. But every year on Halloween night some folks swear they see a strange figure floating around these woods trying to re-do her incantation and get it right this time.