UPDATE: Water Recreation now allowed


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Camp Koh, Lake Yultie)

Enviro-Gen Consultants LC, a subsidiary of KMK Environmental Services Division, has concluded its investigation on the waterfront areas of Camp Koh and has determined that conditions have improved to the point where it is now reasonably safe to both swim and fish in Lake Yultie.

Local wildlife has appeared to return after what has been determined to be an algal and bacterial bloom that caused a hypoxic condition in the lake, likely from industrial pollution and higher than normal water temperatures this year.

The campers who came into contact with the strange carcass and glowing blue water earlier in the week have received top medical care from professionals and will be making full recoveries. Enviro-Gen would like to thank the staff of Camp Koh for keeping the campers safe and local officials for their cooperation and sensitivity on the matter while the investigation was conducted.