Badge Check Form

Hello there camper! Use this form to submit your completed application for merit badges. Please add all materials necessary to prove your completion of the requirements and to speed up counselor verification of your merit badge completion.

Please submit the form ONCE for each badge you complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please ask a counselor for assistance in Discord if you are having issues. You can check on badge requirements here.

In order to have a physical merit badge shipped to you, we need a valid shipping address! Badges will be mailed at a later date, if you earn multiple badges they will be shipped together. The final day to submit badge materials is the last day of camp. No applications will be accepted after that!

2023 Merit Badges offered: Social, Happy Camper, Investigation
Badge submissions must be completed by Oct 1 at 9AM EST

Please indicate your patrol so we can assign bonus patrol points for your complete badge!
Please indicate the badge you are submitting materials for. You will need to complete this form for each badge.
Please list your username/address for discord, facebook, twitter, and youtube accounts to help us tally your posts for merit badge requirements
Please indicate which optional requirements you completed for the badge. Those can be found on the merit badge page. Use this area to paste links to your social media posts as well.
Please leave a shipping address for delivery of your badge(s) – IF we are able to verify you completed all requirements!