Billy Rodgers wins 43rd Camp Koh Strongman title


Billy Rodgers, 13, of the Craven Manor Patrol Cabin 3 has come away with the 43rd Camp Koh Strongman competition title! He was able to lift almost double that of the field of competition, making sure that the end result was not in doubt.

In an exclusive interview with WCKR‘s Andy & Caleb, he outlines the keys to his success: a diet regimen of SGT SURGE’S GRO-JUICE and chicken, along with practice, of course:

EXCLUSIVE WCKR interview with Billy Rodgers

Congratulations to Billy and those points you earned for Craven Manor! And of course, a big shout out to SGT. SURGE’S GRO-JUICE for sponsoring this year’s event and playing such a pivotal role in forming healthy habits of active, growing teens.