Unofficial Investigation Officially Open


Hey everyone, Head Counselor now Lead Investigator Shelby here. Some weird stuff went down last year, and even though there has been an ongoing ‘official’ investigation by the brass, I don’t feel like they really have any idea what is going on around here. They already cancelled camp this year, but I haven’t told us why. I want your help to figure out what the hell happened at Camp Koh in the summer of 2022. We seek the truth.

I have scouted out some areas that we can meet here on the campgrounds in order to chat and conduct our investigation, but we have to stay hidden. The cabins are closed and we can’t be seen gathering in large groups because security will find us. Follow my instructions and we can still have a fun little camp experience, I promise!

Every day during the week of September 25-30th, I am going to submit some evidence recovered from last summer along with a task for you, my investigative team. If you submit your findings for each day along with a theory on what you think caused all the trouble last year, you can earn a special merit badge for helping your head counselor crack the case and maybe get those corporate goons to let us open the camp back up next year.

Oh, also, I found a cool looking movie tape in the storage closet and we can watch that to celebrate a hard week of sleuthing, so don’t miss out!