Samson’s Summer Camp


Story Submitted by Brittany Durham of Dario’s Digs, Summer ’22

This story goes back to the early 1950’s. Way up in the hills of West Virginia lived the Sampson family. They owned and operated a summer camp. Every year a camper would go missing. It was believed that they wondered off and got lost. But after several years of these disappearances going unsolved, the Sampson’s summer camp was shut down. Life went on, Mr. and Mrs. Sampson were believed to have passed away in a boating accident but mysterious things were still happening in those same hills of West Virginia.

Traveling families, campers and hikers continued to go missing. Fast forward to October 31, 2022. A group of teenagers thought it would be fun and exciting to go investigate the old Sampson house. They arrived at this long gravel driveway and up on that hill sat the old decaying house. They saw a flicker of light of light in the upstairs window. But as soon as they saw it, it was gone. They started to get a little frightened.

The wind was blowing and the coyotes were howling. They continued up the driveway to the old house. Despite being a little scared, they slowly opened up the front door. Upon entering they saw a staircase. They thought they heard some strange noises coming from upstairs. They all decided to go upstairs to investigate. The stairs creaked beneath their feet. When they got upstairs they saw a book case that was partially opened.

Behind that book case was a door. When they opened the door they gasped in utter terror at what they saw. There were bones all over the place and the room was filled with an unbearable stench of dead rotting flesh. And when they looked up over in the corner crouched down on the floor was Mr. and Mrs. Sampson’s daughter feasting on human remains.

She was very old with long gray un kept hair, wearing old dirty rags. Behind her sat in an old rotting rocking chair were the skeletons of Mr. and Mrs. Sampson. How nobody knew about their daughter is unknown. The teenagers shrieked in horror as the daughter lunged towards them. As they went to run out of the door, the door slammed shut and they remained locked In that room being devoured. They died a slow agonizing painful death as she shredded them to bits with her sharp rotting teeth. The case of the missing teenagers was eventually closed. The old Sampson house still stands up in the those hills of West Virginia!