Don’t tell Olie I hacked the website, he will totally tell on us


Let’s solve this case, campers!

Here’s what I’ve compiled so far, campers. Read my entries to work the case, and chat in my secret discord channel on the Official KOH group!
Merit Badges on offer this week: Social, Happy Camper, and Investigation


Figure out what happened during summer camp 2022. See my official post for more info

Day 1: Radio

Something is up with WCKR, and while things seemed normal last year, that newfangled robot DJ really let some weird stuff play on the air

Day 2: Legends

There could be truth in fiction? Let’s pour over some old tales and see just how tall they are in the face of scrutiny.

Day 3: The Phenomenolgist

What is a phenomenologist and why was one at camp last year?

Day 4: The Trails

Something is wrong with the trails around camp. Be careful and DON’T go alone. Or at night. Or at all.

Day 5: KMK Enterprises

They own everything, but what exactly are they up to?