Investigation Day 1 – WCKR


Hey campers, Shelby here. I have been digging around in the broadcasting cabin and have come across a lot of interesting stuff. Olie doesn’t throw away anything which is great for snooping around!

So the camp radio station, WCKR – Camp Koh Radio – is just a fun way for playing tunes and sharing important camp updates, it’s usually not very serious and honestly most of the time I have it on it is for background noise, not to listen to Olie’s terrible jokes. Last year was different though. I got a call from Camp Director Trevor Kensington that there were going to be some changes at the station, we got some more powerful gear and this fancy AI DJ to help man the station and make it a true, 24/7 broadcast.

That was cool, because it meant DJ Olie had to actually leave his desk and take a shower now, but it sure was a lot of money to be spent on a part of camp that didn’t really need it. I mean, the hot water hasn’t worked for at least the last 3 summers now, and don’t get me started on the mess hall staff….

Long story short, I don’t know what D3E-J4Y’s deal is. He basically started just playing all of Olie’s reruns and then he learned to start calling in other guest hosts and setting the broadcast schedule. Within days Olie was reduced to organizing tapes on the shelves, until D3E-J4Y converted those all to digital. He learned so fast, man. I don’t think he was reviewing content before broadcast though – Olie was supposed to but I don’t blame him for checking out after losing his job to a computer. I don’t know if those eggheads at KMK knew he was as powerful as he became.

There were some strange broadcasts that managed to get saved, so I want you all to listen and see if you can find any leads that can help us crack the case of KOH Summer Camp 2022.

The entire station was shut off after the disaster last summer, and KMK says the AI is offiline for development and repair but I am not so sure. I think that DJ Olie sabotaged it all so he could get his full radio powers back, but maybe you all can find better proof than me.

I wonder if Bruce spilled beer on the console, or stole some copper to buy drugs….

Review broadcast audio and other radio station related evidence and report findings to your lead investigator. Feel free to discuss with other campers on discord.


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