Investigation Day 5 – KMK Enterprises


OK. I hope only you junior investigators can read what I am about to write.

I am taking a HUGE risk by even posting this, but campers, we have to talk about the elephant in the room. KMK is obviously a big part of everything we do here at camp, as it is ultimately because of their massive wealth that the camp even exists.

It’s really difficult to dig in to the various layers of this organization, because although I think I am very important, Head Counselor of Camp Koh isn’t even the highest rank here!

You’re going to need to use all the clues you have found so far to try and build some links between people, places, and companies that make up KMK Enterprises. Maybe if we can see how everything connects, we can identify spots for more investigations.

Here’s all I know:

  • Camp Koh is managed by Trevor Kensington, who is my direct supervisor. And Olie’s, whether he wants to believe it or not.
  • Camp Koh is owned by the Koh Foundation, a charitable trust funded primarily by KMK Enterprises. The chair of the Foundation is an Anthony Resko. Mr. Kensington also serves on the board, and I would assume there’s a board member from KMK Enterprises serving on the Foundation’s board as well, but I don’t know for sure. The Koh Foundation is very secretive. Camp Koh appears to be their major focus.
  • Camp Lost Hope is also part of the Foundation’s work, but those guys suuuuuuuck. A bunch of downers. I hate having to do activities with them. Apparently they can’t even keep their phone lines up and they’ve been making Camp Koh answer their emails for them! Losers
  • The chairman of KMK Enterprises is Reginald Koh. Seems like a crusty old dude as far as I know, he’s got to be pushing 85 at this point. I think he has two sons.
  • There is definitely some mining activity happening over where the old camp mine was. It’s covered in fences and security. Last time I petitioned to get the Geology merit badge started again, they told me the mine was too unstable to allow anyone back in.
  • We have to get all of our movies through Rent-Rite. Some contract the camp signed in order to work more with local businesses.

Your goal:

Keep finding links between KMK and Camp Koh. Maybe connect people too. There’s a lot. Don’t get caught!

Hang out tonight for your reward – we are gonna watch Cannibal Tick! Just like old times. BYOB.

Also, I think Olie knows I have been using his space. I heard a bunch of noise coming from the radio booth last night. Think he’s been trying to set something up. I’m gonna have to relocate!