I Wish They Hadn’t Died


Story Submitted by “Randal2k” of Dario’s Digs, Summer ’22

It was a bright beautiful summer day, a slight breeze creating a tranquil spirit of relaxation – A perfect day for a picnic. So, with this thought Jodi embarked on the errand into the kitchen to make this fantastic picnic a reality. However, as she turned the corner into the kitchen a rat scurried away. She released a shrill scream without even thinking about what or why, it was just at that moment the only thing her mind would let her do.

Quickly reaching under the counter she pulled out a box of the best rat poison ever, the white and blue box was mostly non-descript, but a few sprinkles here and there and the rats disappeared like little magicians that failed their trick and ended up a byline in the Sunday news.

After sprinkling the rat be gone and starting to make the picnic sandwiches her youngest sue, a best as described as a pre-toddler ran into the kitchen covered in catch-up, the Jodi instantly regretted leaving on the table after breakfast, a solid addition to her hashbrown surprise.
She scooped up the child, gave her a bath, made the rest of the picnic foods and Kool-Aid for the kids, a thermos of iced tea would be her chosen drink of the day.

In a bustle of commotion and cheering, many repetitive verses of baby shark and an hour trip, the mom and kids arrived at the best park. Open Airey, fields and flowers, the gentle sun and breezes made this exactly what she was hoping for, an abandon of responsibilities, a carefree afternoon.
The children immediately ran into the fields, scaring grasshoppers that flew and bounced, hoped, and floated all around them like fairies in a fantasy novel.

Jodi set about getting the picnic spread out on the blanket she had picked for the outing. Biscuits and jam, sandwiches of peanut butter and marmalade. A surprising favorite of her children.
She called the children back for the picnic spread and they obliged to eat like locusts, gobbling up their food and laughing. Each one had a small glass of Kool aid, grape is their favorite and their purple tongues and mouths, and the occasional drops on their once clean clothes proved that this had not changed.

With Lunch behind them, Jodi stretched out to read her novel, and her youngest went down for a nap on the soft summer day. Jodi fell asleep having drank her tea, with the soft summer sun, gentle breeze, and relaxing day, she did not even know that sleep had taken her.
She would never wake up again, as her kids tried so hard to wake her, as they were feeling so ill and vomiting, they yelled and pleaded for their moms help, only to fall over after some time and ending the most wonderful day with the last breathes they would take.

When they were found late that evening, it was their father that had seen the white and blue box of rat poison on the counter, and the sugar under the sink. He vowed he would never purchase anything from Wish again.