Day 8 – Hiking & Scarecrow Double Feature


Day 8 has arrived, campers. We only have a few short days of fun left to share with you all before we close up for the season. Let’s not dwell on the sadness though – we have plenty of activities planned for the final stretch of camp!

We received the excellent news that the waterfront area has returned to normal and has been cleared for recreational activity. Please continue to use your best judgement and use the buddy system!

Today a designated counselor will be leading you all on a guided hike. You will get to make some decisions on where this goes, but rest assured – although the woods have been off-limits so far this year, we feel safe enough to allow this excursion today in the daylight. Our rule still stands though, no campers should be in the woods at any time, much less on their own! Please stay in a group with the counselor and follow all of their instructions.

Start the hike!

You all should wrap up the hike just in time for dinner and then a short naptime before we convene at the Camp Koh campfire to watch a special double feature presentation of Dark Night of the Scarecrow 1 & 2!

Daily Activities