Day 7 – Movie Night: Madman


Hey campers.

Sorry for the scare last night – we had a security incident and decided it was safest to get everyone back to their cabins instead of proceeding with the dance. While I am not at liberty to discuss the specific nature of the threat, I want to reassure all campers that there is nothing to worry about and the issue has been resolved.

We will proceed on schedule with our classic Kings of Horror Friday Night Movie Night tradition, showing the 1981 classic Madman. We held a debate earlier this week comparing it with The Burning – and we still want to hear your thoughts on which is the better franchise.

This will be a special presentation of the film with the counselors of Camp Koh presenting the film around the campfire. We will also be joined by special guest Wes Vance aka “The Creepy Kentuckian” of Deadpit radio, who is the biggest Madman fan we know!

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