Day 6 – Camp Dance!


Hey campers, HC Shelby here.

I just want to address a vicious rumor going around that I wear a wig – that is simply not true, the hair you see is the hair that I have. I don’t know what anyone could stand to gain from making such an accusation towards me, but it is an unnecessary distraction from camp activities and I would remind all of you to stop spreading gossip and unfound rumors.

I have some sad news to announce this morning – you may have already heard the news from Andy & Caleb on WCKR, but we found camper Chelsea Badminton dead in her bunk of Romero Row cabin 2. Her family has been notified and all occupants of cabin 2 have been offered new spots or the chance to go home early in light of this tragic accident. I don’t have any more information to share but it appears that her death was accidental and nobody is in danger.

On a lighter note, the dance will proceed as scheduled. We considered canceling in light of Chelsea’s death but the counselors agreed this would be a good way to celebrate her life and serve as a bit of a distraction for everyone. We will meet at the Mess Hall around 8 EST tonight and get down to some sick jams from DJ Olie!

Andy & Caleb have also passed along some news regarding a mysterious disappearance of fish from the lake, so we will be postponing any fishing activities until we can determine what is occurring. Our advisory to remain away from the water is still in effect.

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