Day 3 – Cooking


Hey campers! HC Shelby here. Kicking off a busy week of camp will be a cooking demonstration held by your favorite Camp Koh counselors. We will be preparing a delicious camp entree designed by the team at Geeks Who Eat, and sponsored by SGT SURGE’S GRO-JUICE!

Your bonus activity today is to recreate the recipe or share some of your favorite ones with us on social media!

Daily Video


  • Tune in to WCKR for the daily updates from Andy & Caleb (and Olie too I guess…)
  • Catch up on yesterday’s ghost stories or read them on the website
  • Catch up on Saturday’s Opening Ceremonies and Double Feature
  • Stay active on social media and the discord server
  • Keep working on merit badges!
  • Keep your eyes and ears open, campers. Weird stuff is happening and we need everyone to be aware of their surroundings.


Download a PDF of your 3×5″ recipe cards to print out and create your own versions of the delicious feast the camp staff has prepared today!