Day 13 – Trivia Night


Tonight, Counselor Bruce will be hosting our biggest LIVE Trivia Night ever on Kings of Horror – 20 questions and the chance to win a huge boost for your patrol if you win!

All that is left of our little camp adventure this summer will be closing ceremonies and a movie night tomorrow. We want to thank all of our happy campers for participating and hope you’ve had fun, despite all the strange happenings, deaths, and disappearances.

Daily Activities

  • Catch up on the latest daily updates on WCKR from Andy & Caleb.
  • You should stretch your legs – take a hike!
  • Keep working on merit badges, and make sure your submit to claim completed badges! All submissions need to be turned in by the end of camp, the hard cutoff is Sunday evening!
  • Review content from the previous days of camp.
  • Participate in Trivia, winner will get a huge boost to patrol points, but all participants will earn for their patrols.
  • Keep sharing your photos of recipes, your side on the Madman/Cropsey debate, patrol flags, and more on social media with the tag #KOHSUMMERCAMP.
  • Keep drinking SGT. SURGE’S GRO-JUICE
  • No video games, but the lakeshore is open for fun!
  • Please assist in investigations of the strange goings-on around the camp. Do not investigate alone! Use the buddy system.