Day 10 – Painting


Campers, this is Patrick taking over for Shelby. I don’t want to cause any concern but he has not returned from his personal day. While we continue to look for him, camp must go on! We have only 4 more days of fun left including today, so let’s try to end on a strong and positive note.

Because of rain coming in this weekend, we are being forced indoors again to work on arts & crafts. We have seen some excellent camp spirit in discord shown with various patrol flags, so I want you campers to take it one step further – today, I want you to draw, paint, sketch, mockup, photoshop something that sums up your experiences at camp so far. Draw a map of the campsite, illustrate one of the campfire stories, or even draw a counselor! I am excited to see what everyone comes up with. Spirit points to all patrols that share art with the tag #KOHSUMMERCAMP!

Patrol Flags created by 2022 Campers:

As an additional exercise for discussion, share some of your favorite set/costume/character designers and fx legends in the horror genre, as well as some of your favorite movie kills and killer designs. Without these talented folks, we would not have a horror genre as we know it today.

I will be sharing an update on camp spirit point standings later today – I am having to work off Shelby’s notes he had in his desk, and lets just say his methods are a little messy…

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