Day 1 – Opening Ceremonies


Hello campers! Head Counselor Shelby here, welcome to Camp Koh! I know many of you have eagerly been waiting outside the gates for weeks, waiting for this day to arrive! We are still working on content so bear with us as we open up camp. Today is a busy day, so here’s a run down on what to look out for:

Catch the Opening Ceremonies on Youtube

Submit a ghost story or urban legend to be shared at the campfire later this week

Catch the daily news bulletins on WCKR – they repeat hourly so you don’t miss out!

Work on merit badges – those who have already submitted completed forms should hear back from us this weekend!

Catch the double feature movie night on Youtube Freak at 9:00PM EST and Summer Camp Massacre at 10:15PM EST

HAVE FUN! Hang out with your campers on social media, invite others to join, or just chill and enjoy the sweet tunes on the radio. Camp is all about fun, don’t sweat it! Unless something is chasing you in the woods…

We are still putting together a couple of PDFs that will serve as guides and checklist for your activities as you navigate the next two weeks of camp. Please don’t worry, if you stay tuned on discord/facebook/youtube you won’t miss anything! Reach out to a counselor (not Bruce) if you have any questions.