2022 Spirit Point Standings – 1st Look


Here are your current Spirit Point standings as of Day 6. Craven Manor is out to a strong start, buoyed by a recent win in the Strongman competition. Dario’s Digs and the Fighting Fulci’s are not far behind, led by large numbers of merit badge completions and community participation. They have lost some points due to some unscrupulous behavior like raiding other patrol’s cabins.

Last but not least is Romero Row, which has gotten off to a slow start under Head Counselor Shelby. Can he motivate his home patrol to surge to the top? We’ll find out on Day 10, when standings will be updated again.

Remember, the best way to earn spirit points for your patrol is to participate in the camp community and complete merit badges! The Trivia Night next week will also offer the winning patrol a hefty point bonus.